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All documents and research information for the AVA and Aeropark should be centrally stored in order that access is available to all authorized members to be able to access and use it.

Access to the server is available via the link below, an additional logon will be required to the server, if you do not currently have access to the server or do not have access to information you require please contact Ken Williams via .

Access the Server

This link is for use when you are not at the Aeropark there are alternative ways of accessing the server when on-site


How to use the file server

Initially you will be presented with a login page, login to the server with the details you have been given.
Once logged in you will get a browser window which will show the directories and files that you have access to and also a view of directories and files on your PC.
In order to view the file you will need to right click on the file and take the download option. If you edit the file you then need to upload it back to the server by right clicking on the file in the PC section of the window and selecting upload and then select the same location as you downloaded it from.

Please ensure that you have Java runtime installed on your machine, if not it is available for download at as this gives added functionality.

If you require any help or training please contact Ken Williams.

Mail Accounts

If you have a user account on the server you will also have an email account which you are free to use. The email account is in the form of '' where 'username' is the server account name you have been given.

To use webmail access to your email account please use the following link
If you wish to use an email client or use your email on your smart phone the details you require are as follows:
Connection type: IMAP
Incoming server:
Port: 993
Outgoing server:
Port: 465
You will also need to use the username and password you have been given to the Aeropark system.

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